Lisa Vann
Lisa VannOwner
Ever since she joined Seattle's Marketplace Salon in 1987, Lisa Vann has continued to grow her career. For 25 years, Lisa Vann has developed her brand. Through hard work and dedication, Lisa Vann created a large client following. If you walk into the Aveda salons and concept stores in the Seattle and Portland areas and mention her name, you'll realize that she's a legend. Lisa Vann travels the world as an Aveda Guest Artist, global educator, and editorial stylist. While demonstrating innovative techniques and products that further Rechelbacher's ecoprenuership, Lisa Vann inspires salon professionals. She stays up-to-date on the latest looks by attending Fashion Week events in The United States and around the world. And, Lisa Vann still styles hair for her long-time clients—the loyalty goes both ways.
Christopher Archiopoli
Christopher ArchiopoliSenior Imedge Designer
Christopher Archiopoli fell into the salon industry by accident. While attending Arizona State University to earn his Marketing degree, he was working at a salon in the Phoenix area doing administrative work. Christopher was inspired by the philanthropic work done by the salon, as well as the ability of hair stylists to touch people's lives. Following his graduation, he decided that he could not live his life relegated to a cubicle, and instead decided to pursue a career in the industry he had grown to love. Moving to Seattle in 2006, Christopher attended the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute, and went through advanced training at one of Seattle’s top Aveda salons. Since the beginning of his career as a hair designer, he has worked within the Aveda network, becoming a licensed cosmetology instructor in 2009, and an Aveda Hair Color Purefessional in 2011. Although comfortable with all hair textures, types, and lengths, Christopher excels at red heads, curly hair, and shorter styles. "While I love making people's days as a service provider, my passion lies in education and making a difference in the world."
Toni Seyer
Toni SeyerImedge Designer
Toni was just a small town girl, living in a simple world. So she took the midnight train to Seattle where she stumbled upon the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute and decided to pursue a career in hair. Toni went on to complete the advanced training program here at Vann.Edge and continues to grow and learn as a stylist with the help of our amazing team and you.

Rose Prado
Rose PradoImedge Designer / Makeup Artist
When a child is born, we tell them they can be anything they want and support the path that they choose. When an artist is born they cannot be anything they want because they are many things. Rose was not only born an artist, but raised by one, and was instilled with a passion and eye for the creative. She first began her artistic journey picking up the saxophone in the third grade and eventually being pulled toward Seattle to play in a jazz band. In typical artist fasion, music was not her only love. She began doing hair, at home, at the young age of thirteen. With herself as a primary canvas, and endless avenues of inspiration, she taught herself not only hair but makeup as well. Needing to support herself as a young adult, Rose went to work for "the man" for six years. She worked hard and gained many useful skills in relating to people, dealing with stressful situations, and managing a business. Passion though, once ignited, can never die and Rose felt her calling to pursue her destiny as a hair stylist. She attended the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute and graduated with perfect attendance. Following graduation, Rose set her sights on Vann.Edge, knowing it would be a perfect fit for her being a fast paced and fashion forward salon. Patience and persistence paid off and she became a shining part of the team in July of 2015. A unicorn at heart, Rose definitely has a flair for the colorful, edgy, and unusual. However, she also has a wonderful eye for the classic and sophisticated. Her true passion when it comes to her guests is to help transform the best version of themselves, bringing the inner beauty to the surface. Rose starts each day remembering the words of one of her hair idols, Gary Howse. "Do what you love and the rest will follow..."

Randi Canoy
Randi CanoyImedge Designer / Makeup Artist
After graduating from the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute in the spring of 2016, Randi spent her summer freelancing, doing mostly bridal and film, before joining the Vann.Edge team in the fall. Since joining the team, Randi has completed her advanced training, participated in a RAW Artists Seattle Showcase, worked on numerous photoshoots, fashion shows and has been published locally in Ville Magazine.